30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Every day Butchers, Chefs, Mums and Dads are making their knives as sharp as the day they bought them. With the original Kleva Sharp knife sharpener you only need to use this once on your dullest knife in the drawer to see why so many have been sold throughout Australia.

Carbide Technology
Super suction
Sticks to any flat surface.
Sharpen all knives

If you don't love your Kleva Sharp for any reason, we will refund your purchase price!

FREE Microslicer! just $29.95 Kleva Sharp - World's Best Knife Sharpener

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"Great product for the kitchen, so versatile and a must in any house. Great for sharpening knives and no need to chuck out those blunt knives anymore saves you alot of money. It will complement any kitchen and is much better than the other ones you can buy."

- Rachael

"Had my Kleva Sharp for around 6 months now and totally love it, it's small compact and very good, and does exactly what has been said on the tv ads. I have even put it in my handbag to show off to my friends when visiting them. No more blunt knives at my place, thank you Kleva Sharp."

- Angelboots

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