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Suction Cup Base

Push down on the black handle to secure the suction cup to most smooth surfaces

Tungsten Carbide - Kleva Sharp Original - The World's Best Knife Sharpener!

Tungsten Carbide

The angle of the Tungsten Carbide technology means you have a perfectly sharpened blade every time

All Knives Style - Kleva Sharp Original - The World's Best Knife Sharpener!

All knife styles

Works on almost any blade, including serrated edge bread knives and hardened steel knives

Kleva Sharp®


If you’re sick of having a drawer full of blunt knives and struggle with old fashioned sharpening tools, then you need the original tried and trusted, Kleva Sharp™ Knife Sharpener. Replace the edge on your old knives without having to buy a new one!

Kleva Sharp®

The World’s Best Knife Sharpener

The Kleva Sharp™  Original sharpens all knives in seconds, giving you the perfect blade whenever you need it.

Sharpen serrated edge blades, even hardened steel blades. The tungsten carbide technology is precisely positioned at the right angle to make sharpening your knives fool proof and effortless!

Tungsten Carbide Technology

Tungsten Carbide Technology is implanted into the Kleva Sharp™  at the perfect angle, extending the life of your knives with ease

Sticks to most surfaces

The superior suction base base sticks to most smooth surfaces, so your Kleva Sharp™ will be right there wherever you need it, be it on the kitchen counter, the fridge, even your splash back

Works On almost any blade

Kleva Sharp™ works on almost any blade, including serrated edge bread knives and hardened steel knives, meaning you will never be without a perfectly sharpened knife


Easy to store

The bright red colour means you will never lose of misplace your Kleva Sharp™, making it easy to locate in your kitchen drawers, tool box, even your fishing box

Hands-free design

The hands-free design allows you to sharpen your knives, without your hands going anywhere near the blade, a great safety feature

Kleva Quality Seal

Look for the Kleva Quality Seal, and you will know it’s real.


  • I love this sharpener. You push the lever down, it grips onto the bench and away you go. So far I have sharpened every knife in the house and every pair of scissors. The only thing that has slowed me down is that I can’t find the shed key so I can try it out on the garden and the hubbies woodwork tools. It is so good that I am going to buy every one in the family one for xmas. This is the best sharpener I have ever used. I give it 6/5 stars and I highly recommend it.

    I love this sharpener
  • I bought one of these at the fair two years ago – This is the absolutely BEST knife sharpener I’ve ever used. The only thing you need is a flat surface for the suction to hold onto. You just draw the knife thru a few times and you have the best blade you’ve ever had on the knife. Every time I go somewhere that has dull knives, I curse. I can’t stand using those long wand sharpeners – that takes forever, IF, you ever get it right. I was hoping the stand would be at the Fair again this year but I didn’t see them. Luckily I found them on Amazon. I’m getting a few for gifts and an extra for me

  • I have a nice set of knives that my husband gave me a few years back. But, the best knives are no good unless they are sharp! This product works. It’s small – small enough to fit into a drawer and not take up counter space. But it does exactly what it needs to. It is very easy to suction it on the counter. Do it with the little lever coming toward you – I wasn’t sure at first. Once it is stuck to the counter, just pull the knives through the mechanism three or four times and you will see a huge difference in the knife performance.

    Does exactly what it needs to

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

The Kleva Sharp™ had tungsten carbide teeth, perfectly positioned to give your knives the sharpen they need.

How do I work it?

Suction the Kleva Sharp™ down, and test it is secure. Simply run your knife through the teeth in the direction outlined on the product. The Kleva Sharp™ will remove the old edge, and create a new, sharper edge.

Does it have a warranty?

The Kleva Sharp™ comes with a 2 Year Warranty.


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